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TimberSaver® PT


Timber Saver

TimberSaver® PT is treated with a borate based wood preservative. It provides permanent protection against Formosan and other termite species, decay fungi and wood destroying insects in dry interior applications.


It is not suitable for applications exposed to the weather or in ground contact, and must be protected from exposure to liquid water.

Product Features

Product Applications

Standards and Approvals

Decay & Termite Protection

Termite attack on wooden structures in the United States leads to billions of dollars in damages each year. In recent years, the introduction of the Formosan termite into Hawaii and the southern US has been well documented, and has lead to a significant increase in the degree and rate of termite damage caused to homes and commercial structures.

For interior applications such as wood frame construction and interior sheathing applications, TimberSaver® PT provide protection against attack from Formosan termites, decay and wood destroying insects.

Safety & Handling

TimberSaver® PT pressure-treated products do not contain any EPA-listed hazardous chemicals and are easy to work with, requiring no special precautions other than routine wood working safety procedures. When working with or machining TimberSaver® PT pressure-treated wood, the following safety precautions should be followed:





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