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Preserve CA – (Copper azole). Copper azole (CA type C) is a wood preservative formulation made of soluble copper and uses organic triazoles (tebuconazole and propiconazole) as the co-biocide to control copper-tolerant fungi.


Preserve® is a family of soluble copper-based preservative solutions for exterior wood products that provides long-term protection from fungal decay and termite attack for a wide variety of residential, commercial and agricultural construction applications. In each Preserve solution, the soluble copper provides most of the protection to the wood, and the co-biocides complete the formulation by adding the protection against the copper-tolerant fungi.  Soluble copper is very effective in penetrating the cells in the wood fiber during the pressure-treatment process, providing for optimum long-term protection. 


Download the Preserve CA Product Sheet (PDF). 


Preserve is Building Code Compliant


Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified for Resource Efficiency

Preserve CA is NAHB Home Innovation Research Labs Green Certified Products for Resource Efficiency and are eligible to contribute points towards a buildings certification under the National Green Building Standard™.  See our product listings at for more information.


Download Preserve CA Green Certified Product certificate Here (PDF).


Preserve CA is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against fungal decay and termite damage.


Decay & Termite Protection

Wood used in outdoor environments and in high moisture conditions, is susceptible to attack from decay fungi and termites that can cause strength reduction and eventual failure of wooden structures. Preserve® pressure treated wood products are ideal for use in a wide range of applications where protection from biological degradation is required.


Safety & Handling

Preserve® pressure-treated products do not contain any California Prop. 65 chemicals or EPA-listed hazardous chemicals and are easy to work with, requiring no special precautions other than routine wood working safety procedures. When working with or machining Preserve® pressure-treated wood, the following safety precautions should be followed:



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