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C.M. Tucker Lumber was founded in 1920 by C.M. Tucker, Sr. who firmly believed that personal contact, honest products, and exceptional service equaled success. Carl Tucker didn't know it then, but he was building a legacy that has been handed down for four generations.

In 1935, the same year the 300 mile per hour land speed barrier was broken and Gene Sarazen won the Masters Golf Tournament, Carl Tucker, Jr., brought his youthful enthusiasm and newly-acquired knowledge to keep C.M. Tucker Lumber Company growing.  Father and son combined their talents to compete successfully against bigger forest products giants.  By going for the specialty products market category, C.M. Tucker differentiated itself from competitors and began obtaining steady growth. 

Continuing in the family tradition, Carl Tucker III joined the company in 1970.  He immediately committed the business to a seven year expansion program which updated much of the equipment throughout the company and brought it to the forefront of technological leaders in the industry.  Over the decades Carls leadership has taken the company to heights that would have been thought impossible by his grandfather.  C.M. Tucker Lumber Companies, LLC will now ship out over 100 loads per day in it’s busy season, maintains an employment of around 300 people and has customers as far reaching as Maine and Alaska.  Carl Tucker III has expanded the company into a national provider of specialty items and created a business known for outstanding quality, service and customer relations.  In 1994 he was recognized by the Southeastern Lumber and Manufacturer’s Association with the prestigious Harold F. Beal Award for his exemplary service to the industry.  Carl Tucker III is still leading the company he helped expand.

Starting in 1995 the fourth generation of Tucker men began to make their way back into the family business.  First came David, then Mark joined the workforce in 1997 followed by Paul in 2003 and finally Andrew in 2006.  They all hope to continue the legacy that their great grandfather helped begin. 

C.M Tucker Lumber succeeds because of a team of dedicated professionals who are all trying to accomplish the same goal:  supplying quality wood products into the market.  Their business philosophy has resulted in a company that has been continuously growing on the same 100 acre site since 1920.  

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